A Chance To Buy Fresh, Organic Artisanal Products At AnnaMaya

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Lazy Sunday brunches are one of the best things about life in a metropolitan city. Getting together with your friends or family on Sunday and catching up over good food and drinks, is one of the simple joys of life. AnnaMaya, Andaz Delhi's signature restaurant at Aerocity, is taking the art of brunching to newer levels of healthy and nutritious. AnnaMaya specialises in serving delicious European and Indian food with a modern touch. The self-proclaimed "European food hall" has now launched the Market Edition of their sensational Lazy Sunday Brunches. The idea is to allow patrons to shop from a wide range of organic vegetables, fresh seafood and healthy food grains, aside from also serving them with an elaborate spread of breakfast and lunch that starts at 6:30 AM and goes on till 4:00 PM.

The Market Edition of the Lazy Sunday Breakfast at AnnaMaya is only available for on three days – 28th October, 11th November and 26th November. The limited edition food market and breakfast at AnnaMaya is in line with their motto of "Eat Mindful. Shop Artisanal. Raise Awareness." What's unique about AnnaMaya is that they go to great lengths to identify and celebrate artisans from remote parts of India and turning the spotlight on the love and hard work with which they make their products. The kind of products that AnnaMaya has chosen to associate itself with, include rock salt quarried by local women in Ranikhet's tough terrain, premium chocolates made from cocoa harvested by India's very own farmers, coffee sources from roasters from all over the country, etc.


Breakfast Cereal Bowl at AnnaMaya, Delhi

At the Market Edition of AnnaMaya's Lazy Sunday Breakfast, you will find all the products used as ingredients in the meals on retail prices. From teas and coffees to artisanal chocolates organic spices and other farm produce, all the products are on sale for patrons to take home and cook with, to get the fresh and soulful flavours of indigenously produced ingredients. Moreover, this limited edition market also gives you a chance to meet and interact with artisans and farm partners of AnnaMaya, who bring the delicious and healthy local produce, which is used to prepare meals served at the food hall.

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When: 28 October, 11 November and 26 November 2018, between 6.30 am and 4.30 pm

Where: AnnaMaya, Andaz Delhi, Asset No.1, Aerocity, New Delhi

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