6 Tips To Reduce Fat And Cholesterol From Your Daily Meals

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In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is imperative to eat a well-balanced diet. However, with our ever-so-busy working schedules, it gets nearly impossible to take out time to prepare healthy and nourishing meals. In order to stay fit and lose weight, few simple tips can come quite handy. The main idea is to reduce the intake of fat and cholesterol in your everyday meals. The author of the book '101 Weight Loss Tips', Dr. Shikha Sharma, suggests 6 tips that could possibly help you in your weight loss journey.

Make these a part of your everyday routine and watch out for the changes gradually:

1. Use skim or low-fat milk and milk products. While going for grocery shopping, make wise choices and go for low-fat options rather than choosing full cream milk, which is loaded with fat.

2. Cut down the amount of fat you use in cooking. Instead of going for deep-fried options, opt for dishes that require less oil in preparation.

3. Use water-packed tuna instead of oil-packed tuna. Oil-packed tuna will only add to the calorie load, which will further hamper your weight loss goals. Also, choose lean cuts of meat.

4. Trim all the visible fat from meat, whether it is mutton or chicken. Mutton and chicken both are good sources of protein; however, they contain their own share of fat.

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5. While preparing meat, roast, bake, broil or simmer meats and drain fat. This way you'll be able to reduce the fat content to a great extent.

6. Use smaller amounts of meat and stretch it by combining it with grains and vegetables. Vegetables and grains will add to the fibre content, which will further help in keeping you full for a longer period of time.

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