6 Health-Boosting Tips To Keep Sickness At Bay This Autumn

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Getting proper sleep is important stay fit during autumn

The temperatures have slowly begun to drop, and the days have become shorter. The very soothing season of autumn or fall is here! This time is considered to be great for new beginnings, renewals and fresh starts. This is the time when you need to make a few changes in your lifestyle in order to continue staying healthy and prevent sickness. In this article, we talk about some diet tips and lifestyle changes which can help you have a healthy fall. Keep reading…

6 health-boosting tips to keep sickness at bay this autumn

1. Include beans in your diet

If you want to improve your diet in this season to prevent falling sick, you must include beans in your diet. A variety of dishes can be prepared with beans: you can add them in your salad, prepare beans sabzi with other veggies or add it in your soups as well. In season around this time of the year, beans are a rich source of fibre, potassium, folic acid, protein and iron. You can include lima beans, green beans or any other variety of beans in your diet during the fall season, in order to stay fit and healthy.


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Beans can help you stay healthy during autumn
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2. Turmeric

Medicinal properties of turmeric can be especially helpful during the fall season to keep sickness at bay. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can be helpful in boosting mental health during the autumn season.

3. Apples

September and October is typically the peak of apple harvest season. This means that the fruit tastes delicious this time of the year. Consuming apples can have some amazing neurological benefits as well. Phytochemicals in apples can help in preventing DNA damage and also regulate production of hormones. Including apples in your diet can reduce oxidative damage caused by free radicals in the body. These benefits can prove to be great for boosting mental health during the season of autumn.

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4. Get proper sleep

This is an important prerequisite for all seasons. But the more demanding autumn season can be managed well by getting your inner sleep-wake clock in sync with the outside environment. You can try getting out within 5 minutes of waking up during this season. Exposing yourself to bright light for around 30 minutes in the morning can help in improving sleep quality. Bright lights need to be avoided during night time, 2 to 3 hours before you bed time. This is important in order to prevent any delays in onset of sleep. Following this practice will also help you be more alert in the morning and sleepy during bed time.


Good sleep is important to stay healthy during the fall season
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5. Cinnamon

The smell of cinnamon resonates with the fall season. Cinnamon is that mood-boosting spice which can be added to any food or beverage. Apart from imparting an interesting flavour and warmth to food and beverages, it also helps in stimulating your mood and brain. People with diabetes can also benefit from cinnamon as it has blood sugar regulating properties.

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6. Include pumpkin in your diet

Pumpkin is a popular food during the season of fall. It is considered to be super healthy since it is power-packed with minerals which are good for brain health. Lutein and zeazanthin are to nutrients in pumpkin which are excellent for boosting memory in adults as well as older adults. Also, mood swings are common during this time of the year. Mood-boosting properties of pumpkin can thus be helpful to stay happy during winter as well.

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