6 Foods And Drinks You Should Avoid For A Good Night’s Sleep

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Nothing is more annoying than lying down on your bed and counting stars to sleep, especially after all that hard work and running around through the day. There are times when we struggle to get a good night's sleep and it becomes tough to keep your eyes closed for longer. Alongside the age-old advices to avoid looking at your phone, taking a bath, reading a book or spraying lavender on your pillow, comes new rules on what you should eat and avoid before bedtime. While we all know what we must eat and drink to get a good night's sleep, there are times we end up consuming foods and drinks that can keep us wide awake. We list out some of them that you should definitely avoid, especially if you have problems sleeping at night.

Foods And Drinks To Avoid To Get A Good Night's Sleep

  • Avoid high-fat foods that can take a toll on your sleep cycles. Processed foods take time to digest, and eating them at night may only keep the tummy full. This will only lead to a sleepless night.
  • Junk or processed foods can also lead to heartburn, which further causes discomfort that can keep you awake.
  • Protein stimulates brain activity; do try not to pick foods that are rich in protein, especially for a late-night snack.
  • Spicy foods have high levels of capsaicin that make it hard for the body to regulate temperature.
  • It is the presence of amino acid and tyramine in cheese that makes the brain more alert. So, avoid eating anything cheesy to avoid sleepless nights.
  • Do not drink coffee as the caffeine present in it can stay in your system for up to ten hours or so.

Don't mistake sleeplessness to insomnia as it is a much serious condition than it is thought to be. Do visit a doctor in case you find it difficult to sleep on a daily basis or the symptoms of insomnia are more visible.

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