40,000 Radio-Frequency Tags To Find Lost Children At Kumbh Mela

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The tags for lost children at Kumbh Mela are being arranged in collaboration with Vodafone.


In order to trace lost children at the massive Kumbh Mela in Uttar Pradesh's Prayagraj, police will use radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags for children below the age of 14 years.

RFID is a form of wireless communication that incorporates the use of electro-magnetic or electrostatic coupling in the radio-frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to uniquely identify an object or a person.

Director General of Police (DGP) OP Singh told news agency PTI that 40,000 RFID tags will be used to trace lost children. The tags are being arranged in collaboration with Vodafone.

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Mr Singh said 15 digital lost-and-found centres have been set up in the Kumbh area, integrated with the district police and social media.

An arrangement for display of information through LEDs has also been made with a public address system, he added.

For traffic management, the police will be using an integrated system and an intra-district route diversion, besides crowd analytics and an intelligent traffic management system (ITMS), Mr Singh said.

Variable message display boards have also been put up for real-time information dissemination, warnings, traffic advice, route guidance and emergency messages, Mr Singh said.

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