A$AP Rocky & Kendall Jenner Bonding Over ‘Traumatic’ Robbery


Kendall Jenner A$AP Rocky & Kendall Jenner Bonding Over ‘Traumatic’ Robbery

A$AP Rocky and Kendall Jenner have such a large number of astonishing things in like manner, however sadly one of them is being the casualty of a home burglary. We have EXCLUSIVE subtle elements on how they’ve fortified over the sentiment add up to infringement after Rocky’s lodging was sacked.Kendall Jenner

Getting burglarized — particularly in one’s own particular home — is such a disregarding and damaging background. It happened to Kendall Jenner, 21, back in March when somebody stole $200K in adornments from her room and now her reputed beau A$AP Rocky, 28, had been exploited too. “A$AP’s burglary was a traumatic affair for him. Be that as it may, it has really brought he and Kendall nearer together. She has quite recently experienced a fundamentally the same as circumstance and could truly recognize and identify with his awkward sentiments of being damaged,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Furnished shooters broke into Rocky’s LA lodging on May 16 in a bold and startling home intrusion burglary. Luckily he wasn’t home at the time, however a female relative was held at gunpoint and the men requested that she open a vast safe for them. When she didn’t know the blend, they scoured the place and snatched $1.5 million in gems AND brought the safe with them! It ended up being too substantial for them to escape with, as the presumes wound up abandoning it in the road. Thank heavens nobody was harmed!Kendall Jenner

“She has been talking him through the extreme time, and they are presently reinforced in a way few others would have the capacity to comprehend,” our insider includes. In both cases, experts trust Kendall and Rocky were particularly focused on.Kendall Jenner

In the model’s case, they think it was an inside employment as the robbery happened while a gathering was going ahead with individuals inside her Hollywood Hills manor. Concerning Rocky, he was displaying a video an indistinguishable day from the burglary that flaunted a cash checking machine experiencing a heap of hundreds and there were such a large number of bills that it broke! After Kim Kardashian’s alarming Paris burglary, you’d think celebs would understand that parading how they have huge amounts of money or bling can thoroughly make them an objective for thieves.Kendall Jenner

Do you think flaunting riches makes VIPs more helpless against criminals?


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